Used Forklift Pre-Purchase Inspection

Used Forklift Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don’t Forget To Get A Used Forklift Inspected To Avoid Any Future Troubles

Even if you don’t’ buy from us, we will more than happy to assist you in the next Forklift purchase, buying a Forklift is a big investment, that’s why we believe you should make sure that the unit your buying is on Top condition.

Why Get A Used Forklift Inspected Before Buying?

You would know exactly the difference between a used product and a new one. And as of this, you would prefer buying almost any kind of used product by checking it thoroughly.

But when it comes to buying a used forklift, most of the business owners do not know the technical specification of the equipment which could hurt them dearly, in economic terms, and in terms of their efforts.

However, with ‘LA Forklift Solutions’ to assist you, rest assured to face no such troubles since:

  • We make sure to inspect each and every portion of the equipment, from external damages to internal ones, and make sure they are free of bends and cracks.
  • We ensure that forklift chains are neither rusted, kinked nor damaged. Any of these troubles with the chains can cause serious damages to the equipment.
  • We check all kinds of oils and internal fluids and ensure no leakages which are very costly to repair.
  • We ensure to take a satisfactory driving test to understand the way the forklift works and whether all its parts work properly or not.
  • We provide a detailed used forklift inspection report to help you get the best idea of the equipment which you consider buying.

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