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Explanation of Forklift Rentals Rate:

Rental rates are based on a per day (8 hours,) per workweek (40 hours/ 5 days,) or per month (160 hours/ 4 weeks) basis. Any hours exceeding this will be billed at the overtime rate. Special rates are available for two or three-shift usage. The electrical components included are the battery and charger. The charger hooks up is the customer’s responsibility. Vehicles will be delivered to you with a full tank of fuel. Equipment must be returned full, or a per gallon charge will be assessed. All rental rates are taxable, and transportation to you is available at an additional charge.

Not convinced yet?

According to IRS publication 535, the IRS allows businesses to fully deduct the cost of your equipment rental.

In addition to that renting a forklift will give you a quick solution to get the job you need to be done and it will remove any additional headaches you can encounter, and we can DELIVER THE SAME DAY!

Need a long-term rental

Long term rentals are great to control the outcome of your yearly budget, your monthly set rate helps you avoid any costly repairs and allows us to give you a full maintenance agreement with your monthly price! All repairs and maintenance will be covered by us freeing you from additional headaches.