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“L.A. Forklift Solutions” “WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY”

Trusted Partners

Mechanics wanted for though industry. Negotiable wages, long work hours, constant problem solving, stress free environment doubtful. Recognition for hard work and incentives for achieved goals guaranteed.

We understand the forklift industry is physically heavy on the body and hard on the mind, and we as an employer do not sugar coat the industry. We as an employer provide everything in our hands for our employees to succeed and achieve complete satisfaction at the end of every work shift. We are looking for employees who love challenges and are willing to solve problems for customers.

At our company employee’s always come first because we know happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make a happy work environment.

Our biggest priority is to make sure our employees wake up and go to work happy.

We as a company are eager to problem solve and know we can take on projects others are not willing to. We are overachievers and love challenges.

If you’re up for a challenge then come join us at L. A. Forklift Solutions.


Call us at 310-774-6603

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